In considering the legacy of the expressionist movements, from Kandinsky and Munter, to the Abstract Expressionists, like Pollock and De Kooning, what is the difference between the Expressionists of the past and today? Emotion is always part of the experience of art, and twice before have artists centered their work on the realm of inner experience. But in the 21st century, technologies like digital computers and Artificial Intelligence have opened up new creative possibilities. Techspressionism features global artists fascinated by the expressive potential of today’s technologies, working together across time zones, borders and cultures. The first Techspressionist collaborative show features founding artists from around the globe in our first set of creative conversations. – Patrick Lichty

This ongoing project, initiated and curated by artist Davonte Bradley, was inspired by the idea of notable collaborations like Warhol and Basquiat, as well as the collaborative spirit of the Jazz tradition which Basquiat also drew inspiration.  The project involves two artists passing a digital file back and forth to result in a collaborative piece.  The show within the 3D gallery space contains three works from each pairing. Each piece has a link labeled “Click for more information on this pairing”, which will direct users to a page with all submissions from each pairing. These pairing pages also contain short biographical texts and/or statements from each artist, as well as links to their websites and Instagram accounts.   For inquiries, please contact the artists directly via their website or Instagram account.  Some of the artists have been made their works available for acquisition as NFTs – links to these collections on OpenSea are available on the pairing pages.