Nina Sobell interviewed by Renata Janiszewska

Techspressionist Artist Interview Series #26 – Recorded March 2023

Nina Sobell
NYC NY //  USA  Wikipedia website instagram

Nina Sobell, an electronic medium pioneered video, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Internet performance. In collection or shown: DIA, ZKM, ARS, List MIT, Getty, ICA, Whitechapel, the Whitney, LBMA, CAM Houston, Beuys’ FIU Doc 6, Louisiana MoMA, Denmark, Kunst Forum, Hammer, Zwirner, Banff, Kramlich, in shows curated by Lacy, McCarthy, Viola. Received CAPS, NEA, NYSCA, NYFA, Franklin Furnace, Turbulence, Acker Award Video, taught SVA, UCLA, NYU residencies, Rockefeller nominee. BFA Tyler, MFA Cornell

Renata Janiszewska
Lion’s Head //  Ontario Canada  website instagram

My present work evolved from 11 years of experimentation with digital media. I was very taken with the ease with which I could draw on early iPhone and iPad devices, and the portability of these tools meant that I could do my work everywhere. My intention is to construct a portal into imagined landscapes, while evoking the sublime. New generative technology allows me to create images combining hand-made elements with that made using AI.

Techspressionist Interviews are self-produced videos of of artists interviewing other artists in the spirit of Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Many thanks to artist Roz Dimon developing the Interview Series initiative and drafting the format. These videos are also published to the Techspressionism YouTube Channel.