Patrick Lichty
Winona MN // USA

Patrick Lichty, Techspressionism Still Life #3, 2021, Digital/Mixed Media, 30"x30", Unique Edition

Patrick Lichty, Techspressionism Still Life #3, 2021. Dibond print on acrylic, 30″x30″, Unique Edition. Also available as 1/1 NFT.

Patrick Lichty, The Martin, 2022. Digital video, 1920x1080 pixels, duration 01:48

Patrick Lichty, The Martin, 2022. Digital video, 1920×1080 pixels, duration 01:48

The “Techspressionist Still Life” series relates to my work with gestural painting in digital media, mixed with taking series of my calligraphic works and processing them through machine learning systems, or GANs, to find an affective relationship with technological media. These pieces are 24 experiments, created in an attempt to engage with the purely affective part of my working with digital media.

The Martin is an AI-generated visual poem based on a poem from the artist’s book of poetry, “Intentions”, written in 2018 written for his wife, Negin Ehtesabian.  The video was created with seed images and poetic prompts to a Generative Adversarial Network with voiceover and music by the artist.

Patrick Lichty is a media artist/designer/animator, theorist, and curator of thirty years who works in areas of mediation, virtuality, experimental media, media archaeology, and activism. He has an MFA in Computer Art from Bowling Green State University and is currently an Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at Winona State University. He is known for his work solo and with collectives such as RTMark, The Yes Men, Pocha Nostra, Second Front, Manifest.AR, Shared Universe, & NPTeam.

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Patrick Lichty interviewed by Colin Goldberg, February 17, 2021.