Techspressionist Community

The Techspressionist artist community strives toward the model of a  decentralized social sculpture, created by participating artists working in collaboration with one another both online and offline.


You can learn about the term and the goals of the project  here.  Some of the ideas and goals of Techspressionism are capitulated in the Techspressionist Manifesto.  Techspressionism is based on self-identification – you are a Techspressionist when you say you are.   


If you feel you identify with the goals and aims of Techspressionism, include the hashtag #techspressionism when you post your artwork to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to become visible to our curators.

You can  follow Techspressionism’s offical accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  The Techspressionists Facebook Group is a great place to share your work, exhibitions, etc with the community.

Additionally, if you tag @techspressionism on your Instagram stories, this will allow us to easily share your work to our story. The hashtag is the primary means of how Techspressionism has spread to over 40 countries since its inception as a collaborative project in 2020.

Artists making themselves visible to our social media curators through the use of the hashtag is the primary method of how artists are sourced for inclusion our Artist Index Many thanks to our volunteer social media curators Renata Janiszewska (Instagram), Colin Goldberg (Twitter), and ScoJo (Pinterest) for your contributions of time and energy to this project.


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Subscribe to our list to register for our biweekly Techspressionist Salons on Zoom, where you can meet other artists and present your work in recorded sessions. Your information will not be shared with any third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time. Many thanks to Davonte Bradley for your  service in moderating our Salons and developing and curating the Techspressionist Collab Exhibitions.