Techspressionist Nodes

Techspressionist Nodes are geographically localized groups of artists listed within the index which are self-organized, self-supporting and self-governing – the purpose of the node structure is to allow for the development of localized exhibitions and other collaborative events, which may be presented either online or offline.  Each Node must include at least two artists from their country of origin. Nodes may represent a Country, State, or City. They may be represented by a website, Instagram account or other online presence; the medium is the choice of the artists managing the node.  Techspressionist.IR is the first node, established in October 2021:

Iran: Techspressionism.IR

Iranian Artists of @techspressionism by @shrmoussavi and
تسكپرسيونيسم ايران


If you are an artist listed in the index and are interested in starting a node in your country, please submit your information via this form.