Jan Swinburne
Toronto // Canada

Jan Swinburne, SOUND LIGHT MEMORY: LOVE, 2021. Digital video, 1920x1080 pixels. Duration: 3 minutes.

Jan Swinburne, SOUND LIGHT MEMORY: LOVE, 2021. Digital video, 1920×1080 pixels. Duration: 3 minutes.

SOUND LIGHT MEMORY: LOVE is an iteration of moving image works entitled INTERNET SONGLINES. It is a capture of a relief sculpture created from a spoken word, in this case LOVE. The emotive source for this body of work is my voice: spoken words transformed from mind to body to air to digital audio recording to visual rendering through and by machines and then back to handworked objects, then transformed to moving image. These ideas of sound and place serve as a metaphysical way finding.

Jan Swinburne’s intermedia practice processes digital and physical media. Her interests focus on pattern recognition as paths to meaning by materialized audio-visualization, as objects and moving-image, in various forms of de/re/generation. Swinburne has screened in New York City, (Experi-MENTAL Festival 6), New Jersey (Filmideo/Index Art Centre), Washington DC (RhizomeDC), and in Canada (MUFF, Vector, Art On The Screens, Trinity Square Video, Photophobia, Pleasure Dome TNW tour, and Long Winter.

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