Darcy Gerbarg

Darcy Gerbarg, ExcerptsW, 2022, Acrylic on Canvas, 72" H x 36" W

Darcy Gerbarg, ExcerptsW, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 36 inches.

ExcerptsW is a Mixed Reality Painting on Canvas with an AR Sculptural component

Activate the AR Light Sculpture in the space in front of the 2D painting.  What you will see is the original 3DVR Sculpture that is captured in the painting.

I am an expressionist painter using digital technologies.  My work can best described as techspressionism; it begins with large expressionist brush strokes created with colored light in a 3DVR environment. As with all abstract expressionist art, the color selections, composition and feeling are expressions of who I am when I create the artwork. This artwork is part of my ongoing “Inside and Outside” series combining abstract painting and it’s real world environment.

Darcy Gerbarg is a digital art pioneer  employing both digital technologies and traditional fine art techniques since 1979. She is a Techspressionist, painting in 3DVR: AR and VR Artworks, Interactive, Immersive Environments, and MR Sculpture. Gerbarg exhibits virtual artworks, as well as works on canvas, paper, and ceramics in museums, art fairs, and galleries. Gerbarg’s work is held in private and public art collections.

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Darcy Gerbarg interviewed by Roz Dimon, June 2, 2021.