Roz Dimon interviewed by Michael Pierre Price

Techspressionist Artist Interview Series #3 –  Feb 5, 2021.

Artist Michael Pierre Price interviews Roz Dimon about her ongoing adventures in digital media as she talks about the highs and lows of a southerner living “outside-the-box” in the wilds of New York City from 1984 to today: from her early pixelated oils, ‘Information Paintings’ to her digital interactive works (1990 Forbes magazine with David Hockney) Roz also talks about the spiritual transformation that led to her most important work post-9/11, post-dotcom — immersive paintings called DIMONscapes. (in several museums including The 9/11 Memorial Museum) These public art commissioned pieces as well as other series like her recent “LINCOLNS” continue her ongoing pursuit to bring ordinary people, the larger public, into a meaningful relationship with the art that she feels defines our age as distinct from any other — one that issues a new powerful call for artists working in this medium to make sense and wonder out of chaos.

Roz DimonShelter Island, NY, USA website instagram

Techspressionist Interviews are self-produced videos of of artists interviewing other artists in the spirit of Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Many thanks to artist Roz Dimon developing the Interview Series initiative and drafting the format. These videos are also published to the Techspressionism YouTube Channel.