Exhibition Details

Techspressionism Brooklyn was a one-night only popup show curated by Dubwoman aka Giovanna Sun at the Williamsburg Hotel.  This show marks the first physical group exhibition of Techspressionist artworks and features a selection of works available for purchase, including NFTs and small physical works by local, national and international artists in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  NFTs will continue to be available to collectors online via the exhibition listing below after the close of the physical event.

Available Artworks

Participating artists and their respective works are listed below, including direct links to NFTs available for collection. Artists with interview links on Techspressionism.com are listed in red.

Victor Acevedo, Los Angeles CA  Wikipedia website instagram
Escher Girl v02 (mirrored), 2021. NFT, 1/3.
View NFT on OpenSea

Malavika Mandal Andrew – Mumbai, India website instagram
Mixed media/ Tapestry

Lucy Boyd-Wilson – Fallbrook, CA website instagram
Yellow Bloom, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Boundless Green, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Davonte Bradley – Richmond VA website instagram
Going In, 2021.NFT, 1/1. instagram
View NFT on OpenSea

Adelfino Corino – NYC NY website instagram
Oil Painted Digital Prints

Dubwoman – NYC website instagram
Trance Omni Nation 602 Empire New York, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Diana de AvilaSarasota FL website instagram
Lucid Mirage, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Kathleen DobrowskyBrooklyn NY instagram
Digital prints

Negin Ehtesabian – Tehran, Iran website instagram
Techspressionism Self Portrait, 2021. NFT, 1/1
View NFT on Foundation

Colin Goldberg – Vermont website twitter instagram instagram
Holism, 2021. NFT, 1/1. instagram
View NFTs on Foundation

Carter Hodgkin – NYC NY website instagram
Reiterations, 2021. NFT Collection.
View NFTs on OpenSea

Renata Janiszewska – Toronto, Canada website instagram
Marlinspike, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on Kalamint

Christopher Kaczmarek – NYC website instagram
To the Letter, 2021. Generative video.
View Video on YouTube

Patrick Lichty – Winona MN Wikipedia website instagram
Ghost in the Machine 1 (Techspressionist kinetic1), 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on Foundation

Chalda Maloff – Austin TX website website instagram
Abstract digital painting

Sean MickMiami website instagram
Aura, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on SuperRare

Steve Miller – Sagaponack NY Wikipedia website instagram
NFT collection, 2021.
View NFTs on Foundation

Tommy Mintz – NYC NY website instagram
Gas Station on 8th Avenue and 13th Street, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Sahar Moussavi – Tehran, Iran instagram
Untitled digital mixed media, NFT, 1/1
View NFT on Hic et Nunc

Robert A. Ripps – NYC NY website instagram
Aluminum prints

Cynthia Beth Rubin – New Haven CT website instagram
Digital Still Images

ScoJo – Rockville MD website instagram
Bbppth!, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Skywaterr – San Francisco CA website instagram
Laer_Eyez, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on OpenSea

Fallen_Venus, 2021. NFT, 1/1. instagram
View NFT on OpenSea

Anne Spalter – Brooklyn NY Wikipedia SuperRare website instagram
A Spaceship for All Seasons, 2021. NFT, 1/1.
View NFT on SuperRare

TinTin23x – NYC website
Digital video

Christina Werkmeister – NYC website instagram
Abstract digital prints

“Each age finds its own technique”.

– Jackson Pollock


/tek-spresh-uh-niz-uh m/

  1.   An artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.
  2.   A 21st century artistic and social movement.

ROOT WORDS  (source: Oxford Dictionaries):

expressionism: A style of painting, music, or drama in which the artist or writer seeks to express
emotional experience rather than impressions of the external world.
technology :The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

June 23, 2024: 271 artists from 40 countries // #techspressionism on Instagram: 26.9K posts