Partner Exhibition: Collaborative Art Space – India

Two Zero Two OneNew Day, New Month, New Year

Collaborative Art Space, based in India, presents the joint virtual exhibition of two collaborative art projects, Two Zero Two One and New Day, New Month, New Year. The exhibition opened on 24th December, 6PM IST and will continue till 14th January 2022.

New Day, New Month, New Year, curated by Malavika Mandal Andrew is an art collaboration in which pairs of artists between grades 9 and 12 from different schools in India were introduced to the concept of Techspressionism. The students worked together to create artworks on the theme of “Happy Moments in Time, 2020 – 2021”.  Malavika is the first artist from India to be listed in the Techspressionist Visual Artist Index.

Two Zero Two One, collaboratively curated by artist Kirti Chandak & Malavika Mandal Andrew is an international collaborative art project wherein selected artists over 18 years of age worked in trios, collaborating to create three original artworks, along with each also producing an individual piece all on the theme of “Experiences in Lockdown”, exploring and expanding on the artist’s experiences in the worldwide lockdown that we have found ourselves in since early 2020. Participating artists listed in the Techspressionist Visual Artist Index include Iranian Techspressionist Negin Ehtesabian, and Brandon Gellis and Patrick Lichty from the United States.

The collaborative nature of this exhibition was inspired in part by Davonte Bradley’s series of Techspressionist Collab exhibtions.