Virtual Exhibtion: Space & Not Yet Decided

04 November 2023 – 24 November 2023

Collaborative Art Space presents the opening & walk-through of our exhibition for our 2nd Biennale: Space & young artist collaborative techspressionist art project, Not Yet Decided.

The walk-through features talks by artist, Colin Goldberg.
The exhibition was live on:
The exhibition opened on 09th Novemebr 2024, 6:30PM IST till 24th November 2024.

Space is an international collaborative art project in collaboration with Tasmai, a Centre for Art and Culture. where three artists from vastly different backgrounds came together to create three different physical or digital artworks ( in any medium) celebrating the spirit of creative collaboration.

Additionally, there was also an opportunity for artists to collaborate with each other through Public Art in a physical space in Pondicherry through mural, sculpture, installation, performance.

Curated by Kirti Chandak and Malavika Mandal Andrew.

Not Yet Decided is the third edition of our interschool techspressionist/digital collaborative art project & exhibition for young artists where two artists between ages 14 – 18, from different schools/junior colleges/colleges worked together to create two artworks on the theme of “not yet decided”.

Curated by Malavika Mandal Andrew.

Design & Installation: Meghna Pal
Music by Zakhar Valaha at Pixabay –…

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