Collaborative Art Space Exhibition: Online/Offline

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Collaborative Art Space, based in India, presents the opening & walk-through of our exhibition for our young artist collaborative techspressionist ( art project, Online/Offline. The walk-through features talks by artists by Colin Goldberg ( and Karen LaFleur (

The exhibition is currently live on: The exhibition opened on 05th September 2022, 6:30PM IST and will continue till 25th September 2022. Online/Offline is a young artist collaborative techspressionist art project & exhibition wherein two young artists from different schools collaborated with each other to create two digital artworks, exploring the idea of “Online/Offline”. Note: The video titled Consumption a collaborative artwork by Rhea Visweswaran & Debsingha Sirkar is inspired by the video “Welcome to the Internet – Bo Burnham (Animation) by Keen Murphy. Credits: Curation by.: Malavika Mandal Andrew Design & Installation: Meghna Pal

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