Malavika Mandal Andrew x Ryan Henderson

Techspressionism Collab #2

Malavika Mandal Andrew website instagram
Mumbai, India
Featured Artist: Salon #24

Malavika Mandal Andrew is an artist from Mumbai, India whose practice includes mixed media, digital collage and digital art, tapestry and other fibre art. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Textile Designing in 1993 and her Masters of Fine Art in Textile and Tapestry in 1995 from Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan .

During her time at Kala Bhavana she was awarded the National Scholarship by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development and did her training under Riten Mozumdar. In 2012 the artist was awarded “The Pollock Krasner Foundation” grant under which she worked with Warli artists from Talasari, Maharashtra to create mix media paintings.

In 2021, Malavika became the first Indian artist to be listed in the Techspressionist Visual Artist Index.

She has participated in numerous solo & group, national & international shows. She also conducts offline & online workshops.

Her work & details of her workshops can be found on her Instagram.

Ryan Henderson website instagram
Dallas, Texas USA
Featured Artist: Salon #11

My name is Ryan Henderson. I’ve loved art since a young age. When I was small I always wanted to create things and drawing/painting was a great outlet for that. Now you’re probably wondering how good I was. Well lets just say I have a few elementary school 2nd place ribbons at home 😉

Over the years my drawing skills have diminished, but my creativity is still alive and well. Which brings me to Audio Optio. Not too long ago I was a researcher and among other things my job was to explain the data I collected (that looked very much like audio files). I found out quickly that people can get lost looking at numbers. So I created algorithms to arrange those numbers into pictures. It explained the numbers better than I ever could! From there the idea sparked that I could do the same thing with music and add colors to highlight different parts of the song or frequencies.

The hope I have for my art is to tell the story of the song. To see the drum kicks, to see the quiet breakdowns, and all the rest. I want people to have something hanging on their wall and be able to explain the numbers… and maybe a 1st place ribbon would be nice.