There seems to always be so much duress in the world. To cope, heal, and respond artists often seek to create romantic notions of reality – fantasies and wishes of utopia. The ability for artists to speak to others across physical and virtual space encourages new opportunities for dynamic and meaningful collaborations and explorations. The artwork presented in this exhibition serendipitously comes together as a series of idealized realities. Our Techspressionist artists harness mixed media and digital art to address concerns of ecology and conservation; others have developed rich-photographic compilations considering re-envisioned worlds; and some explore the coexistence of the digital and natural worlds. We are presenting work that questions social, political, and cultural norms through international, collaborative, and hopeful eyes. We are grateful and proud that you are here to join us today.
– Brandon Gellis

This ongoing project, initiated by artist Davonte Bradley, was inspired by the idea of notable collaborations like Warhol and Basquiat, which also takes from the collaborative spirit from the Jazz tradition which Basquiat also drew heavy inspiration from in his own work.  The project involves two artists passing a digital file back and forth to result in a collaborative piece.  Each piece in the virtual gallery has a link labeled “Click for more information on this pairing”.  This link will direct users to a page with all submissions from each pairing. The Kunstmatrix exhibition contains three works from each pairing, but the pairing page may contain additional works.  The pairing pages also contain short biographical texts and/or statements from each artist, as well as links to their websites and Instagram accounts.  If you are interested in any of the works in this exhibition, please contact the artists directly via their website or Instagram account.  You can view the first Techspressionist Collab Exhibition here.


Davonte Bradley – Richmond, VA, USA website instagram


“There are a few main things that inspire my art. The pain and trauma of my past, curiosity in the present, and hope for the future. There’s just as much fun in my work as there is some amount of melancholy. And I think there’s beauty in that. I’ve been creating art all of my life and have been creating digitally for about half of that time. I never attended a traditional art school and I honestly never saw myself becoming a full-time artist. It wasn’t until the pandemic struck and rocked the world that I decided that I needed to stop wasting time and pursue what had been in my heart all this time.”


Brandon S GellisLaramie, WY website instagram


As a new media artist, Gellis’ creative practice is deeply rooted in his love of working across digital and analog media to explore and create speculative narratives and aesthetics through generative and computer visualizations, virtual, augmented and mixed realities, physical computing, 3D-digital design & 4D motion graphics, and digitally-interactive installation.