Curator’s Statement by Scott Bluedorn

Colin Goldberg stands on the shoulders of the Abstract Expressionists, simultaneously expanding the concept of gestural abstraction while carving out his own niche through a new digital vernacular. Goldberg’s uniquely contemporary perspective on the use of computer technology in art-making, especially in building upon the Ab-Ex genre, underlines a modern sensibility that expression can and should be explored through the digital medium. Goldberg takes his practice to delightful extremes in this regard, and has unlocked a multiverse of possibilities.

The exhibition at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller serves to present the viewer with a survey and visual counterpart to the artist’s self-penned Techspressionist Manifesto, in which Goldberg presents his art’s philosophical tenets and expounds on the value of technology as a natural extension of human expression. Here is a snapshot – or rather “screen-grab” – of a highly-evolved contemporary artist drawing from the past while looking into the future, in the midst of his exciting development.