Darcy Gerbarg interviewed by Roz Dimon

Techspressionist Artist Interview Series #15 – June 2, 2021

Darcy Gerbarg
New York, NY – website instagram

I straddle two worlds: The Art World and the Computer World. My work is a record of what the latest technology is capable of in its time. I am fascinated by visual complexity that incorporates real and virtual objects, captured as a painting in a 2D picture plane or experienced in a fully immersive 3DVR world.

“Darcy Gerbarg has long been established as one of the major pioneers in the digital arts field. Gerbarg continues to push the limits of digital technology in her latest group of billboard-size paintings and large-scale sculptures.”
Museum Director and Curator, Cynthia Goodman

Gerbarg incorporates the artifacts of the times, “traces of the technology in the image that then becomes physical”
Curator, Stina Gustafsson

While the images, may appear to have elements reminiscent of traditional still-life or landscape painting abstracted, further study reveals unexpected visual turns. The paintings have a new pallet and feel resulting in an updated esthetic, markers of-our-time.

Gerbarg’s “pictures challenge viewers to determine what is real and what is an illusion” Curator, David S. Rubin

Techspressionist Interviews are self-produced videos of of artists interviewing other artists in the spirit of Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Many thanks to artist Roz Dimon developing the Interview Series initiative and drafting the format. These videos are also published to the Techspressionism YouTube Channel.