Victor Acevedo interviewed by Colin Goldberg

Techspressionist Artist Interview Series #21 – January 7, 2022

Victor Acevedo
Los Angeles CA USA Wikipedia website instagram

Victor Acevedo is an artist best known for his digital work involving printmaking and video. Since 2007 his primary focus has been producing (electronic) visual music works. As part of his ongoing practice, Acevedo issues signed limited edition prints of still images sourced from his video work. His hybrid imagery has a metaphysical bent, often juxtaposing figuration with geometrical abstraction and sometimes it presents as just pure abstraction.

Techspressionist Interviews are self-produced videos of of artists interviewing other artists in the spirit of Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Many thanks to artist Roz Dimon developing the Interview Series initiative and drafting the format. These videos are also published to the Techspressionism YouTube Channel.