Tor Burwell
Amagansett NY // USA

Tor Burwell, Fluid Sphere, 2022. Digital video 2160 x 3840.

Tor Burwell, Funky Flux, 2022. Time-based NFT. 1/1.  Digital video 2160 x 3840. 1 ETH

Exploring physics through visual art is my goal. I aim for the viewer to be confused, intrigued, or simply say, “cool.” Once people can let their guard down with a visual experience, they can open up to the beauty in the physics that inspires the artwork.

“Fluid Sphere” uses computer-simulated fluid dynamics, along with ray-traced illumination to form an immersive experience for the viewer. As the sphere spins, the audience may observe the three-dimensionality of the otherwise 2D video. It allows the brain to focus on the form of the blobs, and truly enjoy the behaviors of fluids in motion.

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