San Francisco CA // USA

Skywaterr, Bath_Scene, 2021, 24" x 36", N/A, N/A

Skywaterr, Bath_Scene, 2021, Still image NFT, 7200 px x 5400 px, 1/1.

Skywaterr, Escaping_The_Little_Demons. Digital video, 3148 px x 1898 px. Duration: 00:22. 1/1.

Skywaterr, Escaping_The_Little_Demons_In_My_Head, 2022. Procreate and stylus on digital canvas.  5868 x 3538 px. 1/1 NFT.

Techpressionism is the core of what I make as it stands for expressionism by using technology and my paintings are abstract expressionist created by technology.

Skywaterr is a multidisciplinary artist using traditional paint, digital canvas and artificial intelligence to create digital paintings.

Note: Scan the painting Escaping_The_Little_Demons_In_My_Head (image #2) with the Artivive app to see it in augmented reality.

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