Sherry Karver
Oakland CA // USA

Sherry Karver, <em>Looking For the Answers, 2021, Dye sublimation print on metal, 20"x30"x1", 1/12

Sherry Karver, Looking For the Answers, 2021, Dye sublimation print on metal, 20″x30″x1″, 1/12.

I am utilizing the breakdown of technology by harnessing data corruption glitches that occur on my TV screen due to uneven reception. I intentionally wait to photograph the moment the screen becomes pixelated. This allows me to embrace chance, serendipity and random occurrences as the basis of my current series called “Movement Interrupted.” It seems that we are in a difficult period in our history, where things are disintegrating and falling apart, which is the emotion my work reflects.

I am a professional full-time artist living in Oakland, CA., originally born and raised in Chicago. I received my B.A. from Indiana University and my M.F.A from Tulane University. My work is in over 175 private, corporate and museum collections, and represented by several galleries in the U.S. where I’ve had 25 solo exhibitions. My background is ceramic sculpture which I taught at college level, while my own work evolved into photography and mixed media painting.

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