Davonte Bradley
Richmond VA // USA

Davonte Bradley, Hopeful Ambition, 2022, Digital Print on Metal, 40 x 20

Davonte Bradley, Hopeful Ambition, 2022. Digital print on metal, 40 x 20 inches.

There are a few main things that inspire my art. The pain and trauma of my past, curiosity in the present, and hope for the future. There’s just as much fun in my work as there is some amount of melancholy.  And I think there’s beauty in that.

Through my art I explore the depths and complexity of my inner self, my spirituality, political beliefs, my race, and my place in the black community. My style has developed organically but is largely defined through experimentation and play.

This work is a direct reference to a pivotal early work of mine that was entitled “Aspire” which set the tone for well over a hundred future works that followed it.

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Davonte Bradley interviewed by Colin Goldberg, February 12, 2021.