Brandon Gellis
Laramie WY // USA

 Brandon Gellis, <em>182 interacting squares for Anni and Josef"</em>, 2022, Interactive art, 16"w x 12"h x 8"d, 1 of 1. $1000.

Brandon Gellis, 182 interacting squares for Anni and Josef”, 2022, Interactive art, 16″w x 12″h x 8″d, 1 of 1.

“182 interacting squares for Anni and Josef” is an interactive-3D printed, LED sculpture that enables Anni and Josef Albers to communicate posthumously. As viewers engage with its colorful cubes – representative of Anni and Josef’s critical explorations in color and theory – the works’ two-cubic sculptures communicate through the language of light and color. The choice of 182 cubes addresses their long lives together, and the combined age at which each died.

As a new media artist, Brandon Gellis’ creative practice is deeply rooted in his love of working across digital and analog media to explore and create speculative narratives and aesthetics through mixed realities, physical computing, 3D-digital design & 4D motion graphics, and digitally interactive installations. He creates intricate, multimedia exhibitions focused on intersections of art and science, experienced through digital technologies.

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Brandon Gellis interviewed by Colin Goldberg, March 31, 2021