Salon 76 – Phreaking // November 2, 2023 Moderator: Lee Schnaiberg

Much like the audacious Phreakers who pushed the boundaries of telecommunications systems in their quest for exploration and understanding, the Techspressionists embark on a parallel journey, wielding digital tools to push the limits of artistic expression. Just as Phreakers were pioneers of technology-driven subcultures, the Techspressionists embrace the computer and its extensions as integral to the contemporary human experience. Just as the Phreakers’ manipulation of technology was an art form in itself, the Techspressionists view coding as an aesthetic endeavor. Both groups emphasize that technology, whether it’s telecom networks or digital platforms, remains an extension of human creativity, opening up uncharted territories of artistic potential and social engagement.

– Lee Schnaiberg


00:26:16 Renata Janiszewska // Lion’s Head CA

00:30:58 Colin Goldberg // North Bennington VT USA

00:39:07 Cynthia DiDonato // North Providence, RI USA

00:45:16 Lee Schnaiberg // Montreal Canada

00:48:03 Lee Day // Bearsville NY USA

01:05:16 Tommy Mintz // NY NY USA

Techspressionist Salons are bi-weekly artist meetups where artists can present their work and discuss matters relating to art and technology. They are attended by artists listed in our Techspressionist Visual Artists Index and are also open to interested individuals on our mailing listThe First Techspressionist Salon was held on September 1, 2020, and included artists Colin Goldberg, Patrick Lichty, Steve Miller and Oz Van Rosen, as well as group advisor Helen Harrison.  During this session, the working definition of Techspressionism was decided upon by the participants as: An artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.”