Cee Moses, Niftorian & Dubwoman

Techspressionist Salon #31 – November 23, 2021
Moderator: Davonte Bradley

Carmen Moses

Augusta, GA USA

Artist Interview
Web: www.payasaart.com
Instagram: @payasaart

Carmen Moses uses various mediums in to create work that is both cerebral and emotional. She often uses the contrast of the technical and human, emotional and logical, cold and warm (both in color and in concept) as integral components of her work. She tackles controversial subjects like body image, sin, death, and guilt through technical and religious lenses. Her artistic voice began to take form while learning about renaissance and medieval Christian artwork. Juxtaposing then and now, she is also heavily influenced by technology in several respects. Her artistic interpretations and works are informed by a current dependence on technology, its rapid development, and its uncertain future. Artists that have inspired her include Frida Kahlo and H.R. Giger. She was further influenced by contemporary entertainment, including movies like the Matrix Trilogy, Metropolis, and Cloud Atlas, and other artists, performers, and animators who tackle both technological and religious subjects.


Bret Kinsella

Web: niftorian.com
Discord: bit.ly/Niftorian-NFT
Twitter: twitter.com/Niftorian

Bret Kinsella has worked at the inception of each of the key technology platform shifts over the past 25 years: the web, RFID, mobile, social, and AI where he is know for founding Voicebot.ai. That work has led him into web3, the metaverse, and NFTs. Bret will talk next week about an artist-centric NFT project that is well aligned with the goals of Techspressionism. The Niftorian NFT project was co-founded by Techspressionist Josh Scott (ScoJo) and Bret Kinsella. Bret will take a few minutes to outline the project, how community members can get involved, and take questions on both the project and NFTs more generally.

Dubwoman AKA Giovanna Sun

Brooklyn, NY USA

Web: linktr.ee/dubwoman
Instagram: @giovannasun

NYC artist. Cyber-vintage style.

I create a peaceful, brave new world.

My NFT art is based on ancient history and science.

I use vintage images and glitch style with some AI generative colors.

Techspressionist Salons are bi-weekly artist meetups where artists can present their work and discuss matters relating to art and technology. They are attended by artists listed in our Techspressionist Visual Artists Index and are also open to interested individuals on our mailing listThe First Techspressionist Salon was held on September 1, 2020, and included artists Colin Goldberg, Patrick Lichty, Steve Miller and Oz Van Rosen, as well as group advisor Helen Harrison.  During this session, the working definition of Techspressionism was decided upon by the participants as: An artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.”