I am excited and honored to present Techspressionism: An Artistic Approach, on Wednesday (12/6) at 6PM  Bennington College’s Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA) at the invitation of Bennington’s new Director of Innovation, Divine Bradley.

Participants will engage in an open discussion on the creative use of technology and receive actionable information to explore the use of technology as an approach to personal expression and a pathway for professional development.

Some background on me: I am a bronx-born artist, curator, and designer of Japanese/Jewish ancestry.  My parents, both Ph.D chemists, supported my choice to pursue a life in the arts.  I hold a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting from Binghamton University, where I studied under the Abstract Expressionist painter Angelo Ippolito, and a MFA in Computer Art, earned under full scholarship at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

In 2011, I invented the term Techspressionism, as a term to describe my own work, which explores the intersection of technology and personal expression.  Over the course of the past three years, Techspressionism has grown into an international artistic and social movement comprised of artists working with technology from over 40 countries.  Since 2020, over 65,000 posts have been published on Instagram using the hashtag #techspressionism.

Techspressionism  is defined in Wikipedia as “an artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.”

I am a new resident of the area and currently live and work in North Bennington.  I have set up a registration form below so I can gauge how many sets of printed materials to prepare.  Hope to see you @ CAPA on Wednesday.

Best Wishes,

Photo: © Aya Goldberg 2023 (Age 9).